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ES-004 Link Effects

Use this Player Snip to create text with link effects
Adding this Player Snip
  • On your My Player Snips Page add the ES-004 section to your page
  • Open up the section's Text settings group and create some text. Insert links using the built in link tools
  • Open the section's Color & Style settings group and change the Link Default Style and Link Style. If you would like to use custom colors, change the Color Mode to Custom
  • Hover over the section and click the Copy Player Snip button
  • Preview this snippet from the actual site page, Site Builder does not allow. hovering and you will not be able to see the hover effect on links.
  • In another tab open your course curriculum and find the lesson you wish to place this Player Snip into
  • Put your cursor in the location that you wish to place this snippet
  • Open up the < > code viewer
  • Paste the snippet
  • Click the < > code button to return to the normal preview
  • Click Save to save the lesson
  • Preview the lesson inside the course player