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Latest Updates

Dec 18: New Flip Cards

We just added four new Player Snips to give you a way to put some interaction into your lessons

Dec 16: New Numbered List options

We just added six new Player Snips that will transform your boring numbered lists into somethint a lot more appealing and noticeable. Look for PS-030, PS-031, PS-032, PS-033, PS-034, PS-035 added to PlayerSnips Premium. All of them are fully customizable and very easy to quickly build an appealing list where you want to make sure your students realize there are "numbers/steps" to follow.

Nov 20: Introduced Codeless editing

  • We reworked how Player Snips is used entirely so that you do not have to edit any code. Player Snips will now be created from within Site Builder on a custom page that can be used to store your own private collection of reusable Player Snips. Editing the content and controlling the options of the Player Snip will now be performed without touching a line of code. You will then copy the code snippet from the custom page to the course lesson editor
  • Player Snips are now listed as two separate "apps" - Player Snips is the Free Edition and Player Snips Premium is the full collection

Oct 31: Available to PowerUp Pass members

  • PowerUp Pass members will have early access to PlayerSnips. The initial release will contain over 25 PlayerSnips to choose from
  • Typically one month later there will be a public release making this PowerUp available for individual purchase
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